Surviving Infertility

Our Story

We’ve been struggling with infertility since 2015. In this time I’ve learned both how hard it is, and also how many people either are struggling with it, or have struggled with it. But it’s still not often talked about. Sure we hear about the miracle baby after years of trying, or the decision to adopt, but very few people speak about it while it’s happening.

And I get that. It’s personal. Very personal! It’s hard. We’ve been hurt by insensitive comments in the past and we don’t want to open ourselves up to more. We don’t want to break down and cry in public. We’ve been conditioned to say “I’m fine” when asked how we are, so that is what we say.

I’m lucky as most of my friends are older and already have kids, so I haven’t been invited to many baby showers. My family and friends know that we are trying and are incredibly supportive and sensitive to this. I’m not ashamed of our infertility or embarrassed by it – yes, I will speak openly about the fact that my period has just started!

My Journey

I invite you to come on a journey with me – and I hope this is helpful, both if you are struggling yourself or want to support people who are. Because believe me, you will know someone who is struggling and they need you!

My Posts

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Trust & Hope
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