Who Am I?

I am

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

God’s workmanship.



Rescued and bought at a great price.

A daughter of my Father in heaven.


A new creation.

Free forever from condemnation.

A saint.

Righteous and holy.

Able to approach my heavenly Father with boldness, freedom and confidence.

Complete in Christ.

A temple where God lives.

A member of Christ’s body.

A joint heir with Christ.

A citizen of heaven.

An alien and stranger to this world.

An enemy of the devil.

Called to be a minister of reconciliation.

The salt of the earth and a light in a dark world.

No longer living for myself, but living by God’s strength for Him.

Read my story as to how I came to believe this and to see my identity increasingly in Christ.

Thanks to Arrow Leadership for these words.

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