My Faith

I am a Christian. I love Jesus with my whole heart. You may or may not share this faith, but I would encourage you to look into it. Send me an email and I would love to have a conversation with you. Post a comment on my blog and I will try and reply.

At the same time, I doubt, I get angry, I grieve and I mess up. Whether or not you have a faith I am sure you can relate!

In my blog you can read about the times when I have struggled and times when I have doubted. There are times that it doesn’t look like my prayers are being answered. Times that I have shouted out to God in anger, in pain and in frustration. Yet I still believe. Follow my journey to see how I keep coming back to Jesus, and how I find my strength in him.

The God I love

Like any parent, God loves us. When we love people, we want to spend time with them. God loves it when we spend time in His presence, and I’ve learned that when I spend time with Him, I benefit. It’s not always easy – life gets in the way, but it is worth it.

This beautiful song by my friend Jody Cross is my prayer for me and for you.

My Posts

Trust In God
Can I Still Trust God?
Have you ever felt betrayed by God? Let down by him? Felt like he has forgotten you or is ignoring you? I've been there. Can we trust God? Is God…
Given Up Hope
When We’ve Given Up Hope
I had all but given up hope for my squash seedlings, so imagine my surprise when they kept sprouting everywhere! I was left with more than my garden could contain.…
Fruit of Spirit
Fruit? Yes? No? Maybe?
When I started this journey, I actually started with a focus on fruit. Fruit for me represented many things, but especially my desire to see fruit of my womb. Now…
3 Steps To Abide
Once I had not only established roots, but also started some great disciplines, like regularly reading my Bible, journalling and quiet times alone, I was impatient for the fruit. But…
Strong Roots
Rooted In Christ
It hit me that you don't get fruit if your roots aren't healthy. So I focused on putting down deep roots with Jesus. The more rooted in Christ I became,…
Hope Deferred
Hope Deferred
Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. So should we stop hoping? How should we react when our hopes are deferred, or when we face disappointment time…
My Mouth Will Speak In Praise
I was searching for a completely different passage entirely, but when I read this psalm I knew this what was I needed to hear. Sometimes God works like that. Here…
Trust & Hope
Why do I believe I’ll be a Mum? Faith is a strange thing. It’s not rational. You can strongly believe and doubt at the same time. Or at least I…
Surrender Control
Being In Control I like being in control! I feel in control of most areas of my life, but there are some things we have zero control over: the weather,…
Remembering Anniversaries have always been hard for me, maybe because I have a thing for dates so I find it easy to remember what I was doing this time last…
Birthday Milestones
Turning 40 I have not been looking forward to my birthday this year. If I’m honest it’s been a shadow hanging over me for the past few years as I’ve…
Crushed Hope
Something deep within me believed that this would be the month. I can’t explain why, but it just felt like that. Then, when I was driving, I saw the most…
Being Seen by God – Sara Hagerty This interview with Sara is encouraging and practical for those of us who have ever questioned where our identity is, or been tempted…
Faith My Faith I am a Christian. I love Jesus with my whole heart. You may or may not share this faith, but I would encourage you to look into…
Abraham & Sarah
I must have read their story hundreds of times, but today as I was reading it four things stood out to me. I found them encouraging and I hope you…
Joy in Trials?
Listening to God Do you ever wonder if God actually speaks to us? (If you don’t believe in God then I guess I know your answer, but can I ask…
Scared to Hope
I didn’t want to be here. But I am, we are. Our second, and final, round of IVF. If it doesn’t work this time then we’ve already made the decision…
Waves Of Grief
This was a hard week. It’s been a week I have been dreading for months. A week which I kept hoping and praying wouldn’t happen. A week where I learned…
Hopeful Beginnings
Full of faith and excited that we could soon be starting a family I googled different apps that would help us know when my most fertile days were and tracked…
Meet in the Middle
In marriage there are always times of compromise or meeting in the middle but we gave that a different meaning today! We were stuck in different cities during the fertile…

Some Verses Of Encouragement

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