Chosen not punished

Chosen, Not Punished

We can very easily equate blessings with a sign of God’s favour and difficulties as a sign of his displeasure. When I was praying about this last weekend a friend said, “Helen, you’re chosen, not punished.” Whatever my purpose is God has chosen me and he is with me every step of the way, and I am grateful for that.

Never Give Up Hope

When We’ve Given Up Hope

I had all but given up hope for my squash seedlings, so imagine my surprise when they kept sprouting everywhere! I was left with more than my garden could contain. What a reminder to me, that God can take our dried up, dead and discarded dreams, and breathe life into them.


3 Steps To Abide

Once I had not only established roots, but also started some great disciplines, like regularly reading my Bible, journalling and quiet times alone, I was impatient for the fruit. But I quickly realized that I needed to abide. I needed to take time to just rest in God’s presence. To get to know him better. To be sustained in him. To abide.

Rooted In Christ

Rooted In Christ

It hit me that you don’t get fruit if your roots aren’t healthy. So I focused on putting down deep roots with Jesus. The more rooted in Christ I became, the more I started to hear the word “abide”, so this is the first of a three-part blog: Roots – Abide – Fruit.