My boss asked me if I would go to Peru for a work trip. I love travelling, I’ve never been there and I would get to see the impact of our work in practice. Normally I would jump at this chance. But on the other hand there’s Zika. We’ve just decided to go ahead with another round of IVF. If I go to Peru we have to put that on hold for a few months. If I go and don’t get pregnant will I regret it? If I don’t go and still don’t get pregnant, will I regret that?

Whatever I decide, I knew I had to tell my boss about my dilemma. I also knew that she would understand, and she did! No pressure either way. As it stands I will probably go to Peru unless we can fit in an IVF cycle then. I’m excited!

Last weekend I embraced not having children! There was a ladies mountain biking workshop and I jumped at the chance. This is one advantage of childlessness. I didn’t have to worry about anyone else. I just went! And when I came home, I lay in the bath for an hour and a half. It was bliss. I was so tired I couldn’t even talk to my husband, let alone look after anyone else. Sometimes it is nice to have this freedom!

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