I’ve been tracking my ovulation cycle with those sticks that you pee on. Does the line appear this time? If so we need to have sex, right now!! I think the line shows that you are likely to ovulate within the next 24-48 hours but you get the picture! Morning and night, peeing on a stick to see when I am fertile. These tests are expensive so I bought a bulk order from the UK which was a lot cheaper.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if that was a good idea, as the line never seems to appear. Maybe they’re out of date? Maybe I missed it? Or maybe there’s no line because I’m not ovulating. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not getting pregnant? I voice my concerns to my husband who reassures me that everything is probably fine.

It’s a holiday, so I get up and make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. My husband comes into the kitchen all excited. Now remember that I’m all hormonal so my perspective is off but in my mind he gleefully tells me that increased stress reduces the chance of getting pregnant. He quotes all sorts of statistics at me and medical jargon and I burst into tears (as I said, I’m hormonal!) I know I’m stressed! Telling me that increased stress reduces my chance of getting pregnant just makes me more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. Maybe peeing on a stick isn’t the best way to do this!

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