We’ve all been there. That moment that you look on Facebook and see a cheesy announcement that someone is pregnant. Or someone drops it casually into the conversation. You want to be happy for them, of course you do, but it also hurts. Am I so selfish and callous that my first reaction is “why them and not me?”

This time it’s different though, this time it’s my sister. And I am truly happy for her. It’s also different because she knew it would be hard for me to hear. We were both in tears as she told me. Tears of both sadness and joy. She even said it didn’t seem fair as we’ve been trying longer. But they had so much heartbreak before that I am honestly so happy for them. We cried and we laughed together. I’m so thankful for our close relationship and friendship, I’ve never been envious of her, even now.

Now I’m just praying that she carries this baby to term and has another healthy child. Who knows, even now I could also be pregnant and we could both give birth and be on mat leave around the same time. Now that would be amazing!

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